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Dubious/uncertain protein. It is currently unclear whether this region translates into a functional protein. The respective region in related beta-coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV, does not correspond to translated peptide.


No model built for protein with good structural coverage represented in PDB

Models/PDB Model Chains_ID Selected Templates Model-Quality (MolProbity) PDB Coverage Model Coverage Sequence Length Oligomer States Oligomer Interfaces Model information
ORF10 A 2NDJ_A 3.47 0.00% 100.00% 38 monomer



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SAR CoV-2 & Human Proteins interaction

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PPI docking CHARMM_ENERGY pdb_human human_genes
3tvlA-ORF10.000.04.min -7101.96 3tvl_A THTPA
3tvlA-ORF10.001.04.min -7101.96 3tvl_A THTPA
3tvlA-ORF10.002.07.min -7088.36 3tvl_A THTPA
3tvlA-ORF10.000.26.min -7077.09 3tvl_A THTPA
5n4wA-ORF10.000.00.min 12029.2 5n4w_A CUL2
5n4wA-ORF10.002.00.min -15248.46 5n4w_A CUL2
5n4wA-ORF10.000.01.min 10133.7 5n4w_A CUL2
5n4wA-ORF10.002.01.min 10306 5n4w_A CUL2
1vcbB-ORF10.003.21.min -3456.75 1vcb_B ELOC
1vcbB-ORF10.001.29.min -3431.47 1vcb_B ELOC
1vcbB-ORF10.003.12.min -3431.1 1vcb_B ELOC
1vcbB-ORF10.000.10.min -3425.82 1vcb_B ELOC
1u6gB-ORF10.000.24.min -3049.3 1u6g_B RBX1
1u6gB-ORF10.003.18.min -3022.78 1u6g_B RBX1
1u6gB-ORF10.001.11.min -3015.99 1u6g_B RBX1
1u6gB-ORF10.002.02.min -3002.69 1u6g_B RBX1
4ajyB-ORF10.002.10.min -4095.33 4ajy_B ELOB
4ajyB-ORF10.002.11.min -4074.91 4ajy_B ELOB
4ajyB-ORF10.000.22.min -2706.73 4ajy_B ELOB
4ajyB-ORF10.001.15.min -2706.73 4ajy_B ELOB
3groA-ORF10.000.24.min -9203.18 3gro_A PPT1
3groA-ORF10.000.22.min -9138.04 3gro_A PPT1
3groA-ORF10.003.02.min -9120.89 3gro_A PPT1
3groA-ORF10.003.07.min -9116.55 3gro_A PPT1

Protein-Protein Interactions

We have mapped SARS CoV-2 human Protein-Protein Interactions from A SARS-CoV-2 protein interaction map reveals targets for drug repurposing human drug target interacted with SARS CoV-2 are highlighted in black arrow.

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