SARS-CoV-2 Proteome-3D Analysis

We have developed an extensively annotated SARS Cov2-3D proteome database, which assembles experimental structures of gene products and has models of the remainder including higher-order assemblies. The user-friendly web interface allows users to navigate, inspect, and download proteome data. The binding pocket prediction is used to identify potential targets for structure-based drug discovery, multiple software implemented to understand the impacts of mutations. Mapped SARS CoV-2 human protein-protein interactions implemented to reveal new drug targets, and small molecules docking for potential lead compounds. The SARS-CoV-2 database is based on four features:

Oligomeric Modelling

Modeling oligomeric structures including homo- and hetero-dimers

Binding Prediction

Predicting potential ligand binding sites

Mutations Analysis

Understanding the impacts of mutations on protein stability

Docking Hypothesis

Generating hypotheses where potential protein-protein and ligands binding

The Database Query

The database can be queried in two ways; the table on the right that contains gene_id, and the sunburst viewer on the left that contains gene_id.

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